Tuesday, 13 May 2008



Gill said...

And how's the essay coming along?

(ouch, that was mean....sorry Paulene!!)

Wasn't that a great parcel, and doesn't it look great there? So much more appealing than the white boxes underneath!

I think you are going to have fun.

Dorothy said...

As Gill says... where is that essay Miss?
Seriously, have fun with the new toy it is looking far too sparkling new and clean at the minute.grin

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

What essay??? Who needs to write when you can make proper art?
Great piece of kit Paulene, lets hope you get to play soon.
Best Wishes

jordiw said...

If you set it up just right, you won't be able to get the doors open on those white things and the laundry will have to be sent out... How great!

It looks splendid and I am dying to see the first print run..

Helen Cowans said...

Looks great - made to measure :) I like Jordi's idea of sending out the washing :)

Have you had chance to play yet?

Paulene said...

Will do the essay later - honest!
Off to buy inks and other supplies now, then I can start to play.